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Family Social - August 27, 2007

The first Family Social was a great success. Thank you, Brother Chris Arnoult for coordinating the event and the team of volunteers: Ralph & Kathy Wengler, Julie and Felix Sanchez, Connie Allen, Rafael Cardenas, Ed Barrier, Larry Stigney and Julia Schmidt. Specials thanks goes to the members of Bailes de Espaņa, Jessica Haro, Yesenia Mora-Gutierrez, Melissa Gonzalez, Bianca Ramirez and to Folklorico Mexicano for their beautiful dancing.

It was very inspirational to see younger members of our Knight families. The younger generations are the future of the Knights. It is important to get them involved as soon as possible. I invite all of you to bring them to all of our future social events.

It was a delight to present so many exemplary couples that have been married for 50 and 60 plus years. Keeping this in mind we see that God has been a central figure in a successful marriage. This is the kind of exposure we need to show. The family is the strongest element of our Christian life and by keeping God in the center of it all, we all win.


Updated September 4, 2007


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