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40 Days for Life Campaign

From our Pro-Life Chair, PGK John Kirk regarding the 40 Days for Life Campaign:



This year’s fall vigil begins this coming Wednesday 26 September with a kick-off rally at 10 AM.   Among those highlighting this event will be Father John Love from Saint Marks University Parish.  We ask you to please advertise and then to come to this kick-off.  And then we ask you to go on-line to 40 Days for Life ( and to sign up for this vigil and pick a time when you can come.

We ask each person at their church to promote this at their church and for each church to select a time slot when they come.  We hope that the pastor and other pro-life leaders will be the center piece of this individual church vigil.

You know there are many places where we can pray; in the church, at home and out there in public where your act of faith can be visibly seen by a public that so often has lost their connection to their Creator.

We thank you for your participation in this vigil and we ask for your continuing prayers and support for all pro-life ministries.



Fish Fry - October 18th 2018 at the Parish Hall


St. Raphael’s Parish Hall

5444 Hollister Ave, Goleta CA

Serving Begins at 6:00 pm

Take-outs available

Adults:  $10

Children under 12:  $5