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Business Meeting Minutes: April 17, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Faithful Navigator SK Frank Donohoe at 7:08 pm.

Meeting was opened using the Standard Protocol, Flag Salute and Opening Ode

Minutes of the March 20th meeting were read. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read. Minutes were approved.

Faithful Navigator, SK Frank Donohoe reported that there was a 4th Degree Exemplification in Fresno on April 8 and there will be another in Lancaster on May 6th.  It is not clear when, and where,  any future exemplifications will be taking place.  SK Ed Barrier, District Deputy, will investigate and get back to us.

SK Frank Donohoe mentioned that he has prepared the Master Calendar of Events for 2017-2018 Columbian Year to be submitted to the Parish.  He noted that he is planning to have a Blue Mass on September 18, our regular meeting night.  He will look in to reserving the Church for the Mass, as well as a priest to preside.

SK Frank Donohoe also noted that the officers to be elected for the next Columbian Year has been posted and the election will take place at the May 15th Business meeting.  Frank will not be here for the meeting and the Faithful Captain, SK Patrick Donohoe will preside.

Faithful Comptroller,  SK Paul Coyne reported that since our last meeting in March, he had only one that bill from SK Jim Bradbury for $49+ to be paid.  This was the cost of the March dinner.

Faithful Purser, In the absence of SK Bill McNamara, SK Paul Coyne reported that there is $4370.09 in the checkbook.  He reported that $8,000.00 has been transferred to the investment account, commonly known as the 'Chalice Fund', so that these monies will earn a little interest.

Color Corps Commander, SK Ed Barrier reported that the Color Corps has two call-outs for confirmations in April.  The first being at Our Lady of Sorrows on April 28, the second at St. Joseph's in Carpinteria on April 29th.  He also reported that he had a request from the Santa Maria Assembly to help them with a call-out for Divine Mercy Sunday at the Santa Ines Mission on April 23.  We would meet at 1:30pm for a procession starting at 2:00pm.  He will look in to how many he can get on such short notice.

SK Ed Barrier brought up the subject of the 4th of July parade in Santa Barbara.  He said that he would not be able to be there and requested that one of the group to be the leader.  SK Patrick Donohoe volunteered to be the leader.  SK Ed Barrier will take care of all the necessary paperwork for our entry in to the parade.

The subject of having a bar-b-que after the parade at Serra Hall was discussed.  SK Ed Barrier said that he had the hall reserved, but we needed to determine if there was any interest in having some sort of celebration after the parade.  After some discussion a motion was made, and seconded, not to have anything after the parade.  Motion was carried.  SK Ed Barrier will cancel the reservation for Serra Hall.

Trustees Report, There was no report.

Old Business , There was no old business.

New Business, SK Francisco Cabrera announced that his nephew, Miguel Cabrera, to whom we had donated $200 to when he was part of FOCUS, will be going in to St. John’s Seminary to begin his studies for the priesthood.  Francisco was advised that his nephew would be then eligible for some financial support through the RSVP program of the Knights of Columbus.

Council 5300 Report, SK Jack Turney reported that the Council is going ahead with the Coke Booth and SK Chris Arnoult and SK Bob Marks are co-chairs for this project.  In addition to cokes we will be selling Starbucks iced coffee drinks plus other snacks.

SK Jack Turney also reported that Parish Hall and Kitchen have been reserved for the next Fish Fry.  The only problem is that SK Jim Bradbury and Bro. Dan Feeney will not be available as the “executive chefs” for this event. 

SK Jack Turney also reported that the funeral Mass for James DeLarvin will probably be held sometime during the second week in May.  He will let everybody know when the date is finalized.

SK Jack Turney also announced the passing of Bonnie Brokaski, wife of SK Fred Brokaski, last Friday.  Services have been announced.

Chapter Report, SK John Bravo reported that the next Chapter meeting will be held on April 25th at St. Joseph’s Church in Carpinteria at 7:00, or 7:30pm.

Good of the Order: 

Prayers requested for Bro. John Perini (1684), Brad Stephens, James DeLarvin

Closing Protocol, final prayer and closing ode, the Star Spangled Banner.

Meeting closed at 9:05 pm.



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