Council 5300

Business Meeting Minutes
Updated September 24th 2018



Meeting date: September 10, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Acting GK Jack Turney at 7:30 pm. Membership cards were checked by Acting Warden John Bravo with 16 Council 5300 Knights signed in, plus two candidates for First Degree Exemplification, Charles DeMauro and Douglas Reaves.  Normal protocols were followed of opening prayer and pledge, with opening ode omitted.  Meeting was suspended for performance of First Degree Exemplification Ceremony. 

Exemplification.  Acting GK Turney commenced  process of First Degree Exemplification, for above 2 candidates.  Full standard exemplification ritual was carried out and candidates were duly inducted into the First degree of our order, and congratulated by Brothers in attendance.


Degree team leader Turney introduced his degree team which included Brothers Bob Marks, John Kirk, Frank Donohoe, Chris Arnoult, Raphael Cardenas, Rich Scholl, Jose Meza and Mario Cervantes.

Regular meeting was called to order by GK Bob Marks at 8:20 pm. The opening ode was dispensed with for the sake of brevity. Officer roll call showed only Brothers Fuhrer and Bradbury absent.  Minutes were read and approved unanimously.

Grand Knight’s Report - There was none.

Deputy Grand Knight’s Report - There was none.

Financial Secretary's Report - The Financial Secretary reported on the number of members and on the number of checks written, including $250 to St John's Seminary and $600 for our seminarian in Africa.   All Checks and Bills were reviewed by the trustees and approved.  All are avialble for inspection in the FS Files.  Building fund balance is $690K.

Treasurer,  John Kestel reported the following:

        Grand Knight Fund - $528

        Checking Account - $18.7K

Membership Chairman Report –Acting Chairman Turney announced that in addition to tonight’s inductees he has two more potential members in contact.

Pro Life Chairman – Brother John Kirk has scheuled an information meeting for the Parish on Sat 9/15/18 at Hall Room A .  The ‘40 Days for Life calendar’ is on line at the 40 Days for Life web site.  Volunteers can sign up for time to stand watch at the Planned Parenthood site.

District Deputy Report.  There was none.

Chapter Report.  Brother John Bravo reported on upcoming meetins, all to be held at St Joseph Parish in Carpinteria., emphasizing that all Council Members are welcome at these meetings.

Insurance Agent Report.  There was none.

Old Business – The following old business items were discussed:

        St Joseph Carpinteria Parish offered to Brother Arnoult to pay $500 for our Coke machine with accessories.  Motion was made, discussed, and approved unanimously to accept this offer.

        The Parish Festival continues in planning with Council 5300 operating 4 booths, including Christmas Cards (Bill Fuhrer), Nachos (Felix Sanchez et al), Beer and wine (Mark Vampola et al) and Tri tip sandwiches (Jim Bradbury et al).

        Monthly Breakfast was held on 9/9/18 with 97 paid breakfasts sold. Bob Montgomery acted as cashier and new member Charlie De Mauro worked as a cook and server along with the normal crew.

        Scheduled Fish Fry for 10/19/18 is in planning and on schedule. Paul Curzan has sent out notices to other parishes. 

        Our defunct Cub scout pack has about $300 remaining in their bank account, under Council 5300 supervision.  They want to donate the remaining money to Scout troop 105. Council moved, seconded, discussed and passed unanimously endorsement of this funds transfer.

        The Labor Day picnic at Tuckers Grove was carried off successfully with burgers and hot dogs for about 100 members and guests. The council offers sincere thanks to major picnic workers Brothers Tim Hogan (bbq and cooking), Vampola (drinks), Sanchez (table setup and food), and many others.

New Business,  Future activities include the Christmas party and Clergy and Religious appreciation dinner but nothing has yet been set.

4th Degree Report.  FN Francisco Cabrera reported on the scheduled Blue Mass (9/17/18) which is in final preparations .  Volunteers were graciously provided from Council 5300.

Trustees Report.  Bro Turney reported all bills are in order.

Good of the Order, Please pray for Jack Warden, Gino who is the incarcerated in-law of Richard Scholl,  Larry Torres who remains ill, Bishop Garcia of Monterey with Alzheimer’s disease.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm





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