Council 5300
Business Meeting Minutes

Updated March 11th 2018



Meeting date: February 12, 2018

7:35 pm The meeting was called to order by Grand Knight Mario Cervantes. Attendance was checked by Warden Fuhrer (17 Knights signed in, see attendance log), and GK Cervantes conducted Opening Prayer. Warden Fuhrer conducted pledge and opening ode.

Officers roll was taken by recorder F. Donohoe, with only IG Cardenas and Trustee Bradbury not present, plus the

Chancellor position which has not been filled. PGK Sanchez was appointed acting Trustee.

MINUTES –Reading of the Minutes was performed by Recorder F. Donohoe. They were accepted as presented, with two small corrections.

GRAND KNIGHT Multiple thank you cards were received from Widows for candy, and from others.

FINANCIAL SECRETARY’ REPORT: FSec Filippello reported on membership count including 55 honorary life and 1 disability. Also, the building fund holds about 729K . Multiple income and expense items were discussed. Detailed Income and expense Voucher reports are available for review in the Grand Knight’s file.

TREASURERS’ REPORT: Treasurer Bro John Kestel reported about $788 in the Grand Knight’s checking account and about $41,000 in the Council checking account as we await the gift to Bishop HS.

MEMBERSHIP CHMN REPORT: Bro Arnoult reports the recruitment drive took place at St Raphael on weekend of Feb 11, 2018 resulting in 6 names of candidates and 2 cards signed.

PRO LIFE REPORT: Bro John Kirk reported that the ’40 days for life’ program had signups on 2/11 also, gathering eleven names. Next scheduled SB vigil at Planned Parenthood is 15 Feb 2018, Ash Wednesday.

LENTEN FISH FRIES Series starts 2/16/18, all is set, with Bob Marks getting 3 Liquor licenses. “Outreach” will sell desserts at fish fries, and FOCUS will sell tickets at front door for shared benefit. Head Chef Dan Feeney is still seeking more help, especially to take over supervision of cleanup which has been understaffed.


CLERGY RELIGIOUS APPRECIATION DINNER- Took place Wed 1/31/18 at St Raphael Hall. It was deemed highlysuccessful, with large crowd (about 130 total, 43 priests and religious) and short talks by 3 priests, all MCed very professionally by Bro Rich Scholl. Rich since got a thank you card from sisters at St Vincents. .

LIABILITY INSURANCE Much discussion on high cost to council, with conclusion that DGK and FSec would inquire further for a lower cost provider, from other councils, or state or supreme or from anyone. DD Barrier stated that district leaders told him that we should contact Our parish, our local insurance contacts, or explore claim that drinks are by donation, a scheme called futile by our amateur law consultants.

CHAPTER : Bro Bravo reports next chapter meeting is 2/27/18 k 7:30 pm at Dt Joseph Carpinteria. Presentation will be made by Bro Tim Mahoney on ‘Building the Domestic Church’.


PARISH MISSION SPEAKER. Beth Fairfield of Outreach (and John Vasselina for Youth group) have signed up a speaker to conduct a parish mission and now must raise $3500 to pay his fee, still need $1500. Several motions were made on how council 5300 might contribute to this cause from our $900 charity contingency . Eventually, this was stated : ‘5300 will provide 200/300/500 for speaker” Further discussion – maybe change to use 5/11 breakfast proceeds, or offer to make up the difference where Outreach falls short of $500. Motion passed unanimously, but the root substance of the motion was unclear and was left for Brother Arnoult to define at a later date. Chris later sent email to Beth Fairfield saying 5300 will not contribute for the speaker.

DISTRICT DEPUTY REPORT: A 2nd degree exemplification is scheduled for 2/25/18 at Ventura. The State Convention is scheduled the week of 5/18/18. 5300 should make plans, with 2 attendees and 2 alternates. A Columbian Award plaque was presented to Jack Turney. Agent Nardello has resigned his position with KC Insurance. The FSec of Council 1684 has resigned. Our own DD Ed Barrier is resigning as DD, as Chapter Secretary, and as Color Corps Commander for Assembly 44.

4th DEGREE REPORT FN Pat Donohoe reported that the January meeting coincided with the 5300 Clergy dinner on 1/31/18, providing support to that event. The CC commander has published a full list of callouts for the spring season. No members of Assy 44 have yet acquired the newly prescribed regalia for Color Corps.

PROCUREMENTS Bro C Arnoult will soon place orders for more embroidered KC5300 polo shirts, last chance to add to order. Bro Chris also proposes to procure a portable sound system to improve audience sound receptions.

MOTION: ‘Authorize Bro Chris to procure a suitable system at a cost up to $200’ moved, 2nd, discussed, passedunanimously

FRIDGE FAILURE; The main refrigerator in hall kitchen has failed and first service efforts have been futile. This must be corrected to enable fish fries and other activities to go forth. Parish personnel are working the problem.

MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC: Bro Sanchez asks that we reserve area1 (near park entry) at Tuckers Grove ASAP. Bro Fuhrer will arrange this. MOVED – 2nd- discussed- passed unanimously.

COKE BOOTH – Chris Arnoult is discussing the take over of our coke booth position, hardware etc for next Fiesta with the MOOSE lodge, noting that deposit will be due soon to Old Spanish days.

BUILDING FUND: Note that Terry Sliger, our rep from Edward Jones, plans to speak at the March 5 2018 Officers Meeting to discuss our situation. All knights are welcome.

KNIGHTLINE STATUS : Brother Jack Turney remains the editor until someone steps up to take over.

TRUSTEES REPORT. The Bills were found in order.

GOOD OF THE ORDER. Please pray for these individuals and causes: Bro Larry Torres who is very ill. Also pray for Bro Sanchez sister Frances with and upcoming operation. Bro Jose Meza says thanks for prayers.

CLOSING CEREMONIES: GK Cervantes led closing prayer, as well as the Closing ode.

Adjourned at 8:55 by GK Cervantes.

SK Frank Donohoe, Recorder

Next officers meeting scheduled for Monday March 5, 2018 and next council business meeting for Monday March 12,2018. Note that the original handwritten minutes notes from which this was typed are available for inspection in the recorder’s files.



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